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2-letter words you can make with ?S

Points Word Definition
2p. ES a radioactive transuranic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons
2p. US North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean
2p. OS a mouth or mouthlike opening
2p. IS a nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens
2p. AS a very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms

3-letter words you can make with ?S

Points Word Definition
12p. ZAS
12p. QIS Plural of qi.
10p. XIS the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
10p. JOS * City in Nigeria (Proper noun)
10p. JUS The juices that are a by-product of roasting meat.
8p. BYS so as to pass a given point
7p. KOS (in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities
7p. KIS
7p. KAS unknown god
6p. VAS a tube in which a body fluid circulates
6p. UVS * County/City (Proper noun)
6p. YES an affirmative
6p. WOS
6p. WIS a midwestern state in north central United States
6p. WAS a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
6p. VIS the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
6p. OHS a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region
6p. EFS Plural of ef, the name of the letter F.
6p. FAS a congenital medical condition in which body deformation occurs or facial development or mental ability is impaired because the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy
6p. FES Plural of Fe.
6p. AHS Plural of ah.
6p. AYS
6p. HAS (astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial point measured westward along the celestial equator from the zenith crossing
6p. HES a very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses
6p. IFS Plural of if.
6p. HOS Plural of ho.
6p. HIS an expression of greeting
5p. ABS Plural of Ab.
5p. PUS the tenth month of the Hindu calendar
5p. UPS raise
5p. MOS
5p. PIS the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle
5p. BUS a vehicle carrying many passengers
5p. MIS destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heart muscle
5p. MAS informal terms for a mother
5p. EMS a quad with a square body
5p. COS ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle
5p. CIS Having two mutations on two genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair.
5p. MUS type genus of the Muridae: common house mice
5p. BOS wild and domestic cattle
5p. PES the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint
5p. BIS a heavy brittle diamagnetic trivalent metallic element (resembles arsenic and antimony chemically)
5p. BES
5p. OMS Plural of om.
5p. OPS (Roman mythology) goddess of abundance and fertility
5p. BAS a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group
5p. PAS (ballet) a step in dancing (especially in classical ballet)
4p. ADS a public promotion of some product or service
4p. AGS
4p. DIS Plural of dI.
4p. DOS the federal department in the United States that sets and maintains foreign policies
4p. EDS
4p. ODS a doctor's degree in optometry
4p. GAS the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscosity
4p. GOS
4p. IDS a state in the Rocky Mountains
3p. ASS the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
3p. AIS an agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate and synchronized intelligence to tactical and operational and strategic level commanders
3p. ELS angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
3p. ENS half the width of an em
3p. INS an agency in the Department of Justice that enforces laws and regulations for the admission of foreign-born persons to the United States
3p. ERS a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group
3p. ESS a radioactive transuranic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons
3p. AAS an associate degree in applied science
3p. ALS
3p. ARS a colorless and odorless inert gas
3p. SIS a female person who has the same parents as another person
3p. ITS the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information
3p. RES a widely distributed system consisting of all the cells able to ingest bacteria or colloidal particles etc, except for certain white blood cells
3p. NIS * City in Serbia (Proper noun)
3p. UTS the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England
3p. UNS an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security
3p. TIS a light strong grey lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong lightweight alloys (as for airplane parts)
3p. TAS a hard grey lustrous metallic element that is highly resistant to corrosion
3p. LAS a white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily
3p. SOS an internationally recognized distress signal in radio code
3p. RAS the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function
3p. ORS a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
3p. ONS in operation or operational
3p. OES
3p. NUS the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet
3p. NOS a negative
3p. LIS a soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group
3p. LES

4-letter words you can make with ?S

Points Word Definition
14p. JEWS a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
14p. JOWS
14p. JAWS the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth
14p. JAYS United States diplomat and jurist who negotiated peace treaties with Britain and served as the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1745-1829)
14p. JOYS the emotion of great happiness
13p. JIBS any triangular fore-and-aft sail (set forward of the foremast)
13p. JABS a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow)
13p. JOBS the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money
13p. JAMS preserve of crushed fruit
12p. JIGS music in three-four time for dancing a jig
12p. JOGS a sharp change in direction
12p. JAGS a sharp projection on an edge or surface
12p. JUGS a large bottle with a narrow mouth
12p. HYPS
11p. KHIS the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet
11p. KIFS
11p. JETS an airplane powered by one or more jet engines
11p. JOTS a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note
11p. JOSS a Chinese god worshipped in the form of an idol
11p. KEYS metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated
11p. JOES Plural of Joe.
11p. KEFS
11p. JINS Plural of jin.
11p. KAYS Plural of kay, the name of the letter K.
11p. KAFS Plural of kaf.
11p. CWMS a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain
11p. JUTS something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings
11p. JESS A short strap fastened around the leg of a bird used in falconry, to which a leash may be fastened.
11p. JARS a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
11p. AXIS a straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions
11p. EXES Plural of ex.
11p. AXES an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
11p. KVAS Alternative spelling of kvass.
11p. KYES Plural of lang=en.
11p. JEES
10p. HAWS a spring-flowering shrub or small tree of the genus Crataegus
10p. HAYS United States lawyer and politician who formulated a production code that prescribed the moral content of United States films from 1930 to 1966 (1879-1954)
10p. FAYS a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers
10p. GYPS a genus of Accipitridae
10p. EFFS have sexual intercourse with
10p. KEPS
10p. FEHS
10p. HAHS
10p. KOBS Plural of kob.
10p. HEHS
10p. HEWS make or shape as with an axe
10p. GYMS athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training
10p. KABS
10p. HOYS a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals)
10p. HOWS Plural of how.
10p. KIPS sleep
10p. KOPS Plural of Kop.
10p. FOYS
9p. FABS Plural of fab.
9p. BUYS an advantageous purchase
9p. CAWS the sound made by corvine birds
9p. BAYS an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
9p. COWS domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age
9p. COYS affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
9p. CHIS the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things
9p. BEYS (formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt
9p. FIBS a trivial lie
9p. ABYS make amends for
9p. BYES you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent
9p. CAYS a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida
9p. FOPS a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
9p. DAKS East Indian tree bearing a profusion of intense vermilion velvet-textured blooms and yielding a yellow dye
9p. FOBS a vest pocket to hold a pocket watch
9p. FUBS
9p. HOBS (folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature that makes trouble for human beings
9p. KEGS the quantity contained in a keg
9p. HIPS either side of the body below the waist and above the thigh
9p. HIMS
9p. HOPS twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes
9p. BOWS a knot with two loops and loose ends
9p. KIDS a young person of either sex
9p. HUMS the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity
9p. BOYS a youthful male person
9p. HUBS the central part of a car wheel (or fan or propeller etc) through which the shaft or axle passes
9p. FEMS Plural of fem.
9p. HAPS an accidental happening
9p. HAMS meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
9p. HEMS the edge of a piece of cloth
9p. ICHS Plural of ICH.
8p. ILKS a kind of person
8p. APPS Plural of app.
8p. FUGS (British informal) an airless smoky smelly atmosphere
8p. FUDS
8p. BUMS a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible
8p. KRIS a Malayan dagger with a wavy blade
8p. ARKS (Judaism) sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments
8p. DOWS
8p. FAGS offensive term for an openly homosexual man
8p. HOGS a person regarded as greedy and pig-like
8p. ASKS inquire about
8p. COPS uncomplimentary terms for a policeman
8p. KOSS (in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities
8p. FIGS a diagram or picture illustrating textual material
8p. AUKS black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
8p. CEPS Plural of cep.
8p. DRYS a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages
8p. FOGS droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground
8p. BAPS Plural of bap.
8p. BAMS Plural of bam.
8p. HUGS a tight or amorous embrace
8p. BIBS top part of an apron
8p. FADS an interest followed with exaggerated zeal
8p. FIDS Plural of fid.
8p. KUES
8p. DIFS Plural of dif.
8p. DYES a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
8p. CABS a compartment at the front of a motor vehicle or locomotive where driver sits
8p. COBS nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus
8p. CAPS a tight-fitting headdress
8p. KORS an ancient Hebrew unit of capacity equal to 10 baths or 10 ephahs
8p. KAAS
8p. HODS an open box attached to a long pole handle
8p. BOPS the law enforcement agency of the Justice Department that operates a nationwide system of prisons and detention facilities to incarcerate inmates sentenced to imprisonment for federal crimes
8p. EBBS a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number)
8p. EKES
8p. DAHS the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code
8p. EDHS
8p. BUBS Plural of bub.
8p. GOYS a Christian as contrasted with a Jew
8p. DAYS the time during which someone's life continues
8p. KOIS
8p. DAWS common black-and-grey Eurasian bird noted for thievery
8p. KENS range of what one can know or understand
8p. GUVS
8p. GUYS an informal term for a youth or man
8p. KEAS large brownish-green New Zealand parrot
8p. HAGS an ugly evil-looking old woman
8p. KATS the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea
8p. ELKS large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male
8p. GHIS
8p. IRKS irritate or vex
8p. CUPS a small open container usually used for drinking
8p. KOAS Plural of koa.
8p. KAES
8p. IMPS (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous
8p. AMPS the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
8p. INKS a liquid used for printing or writing or drawing
8p. FEDS any federal law-enforcement officer
8p. KITS a case for containing a set of articles
8p. KISS the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)
8p. CUBS an awkward and inexperienced youth
8p. DEYS Plural of dey.
8p. GAYS someone who practices homosexuality
8p. KIRS Plural of kir.
8p. DEWS water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air
8p. BOBS a former monetary unit in Great Britain
8p. KINS a person having kinship with another or others
8p. DEVS Plural of dev.
8p. CAMS a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River
7p. CADS someone who is morally reprehensible
7p. FANS a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces
7p. FATS a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides)
7p. EFTS a newt in its terrestrial stage of development
7p. EYES opinion or judgment
7p. DAPS Plural of dap.
7p. DUBS the new sounds added by dubbing
7p. DOCS a licensed medical practitioner
7p. DUPS
7p. DIPS a depression in an otherwise level surface
7p. DIMS switch (a car's headlights) from a higher to a lower beam
7p. IWIS Certainly, surely, indeed.
7p. DEBS United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)
7p. DAMS a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea
7p. EYAS an unfledged or nestling hawk
7p. DABS a light touch or stroke
7p. CUDS food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again
7p. ETHS Plural of eth.
7p. EVES (Old Testament) Adam's wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race
7p. EWES a member of a people living in southern Benin and Togo and southeastern Ghana
7p. COGS a subordinate who performs an important but routine function
7p. CODS the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves)
7p. CIGS Plural of cig.
7p. BUGS general term for any insect or similar creeping or crawling invertebrate
7p. DIBS a claim of rights
7p. BUDS a partially opened flower
7p. HETS Plural of het.
7p. GAPS a conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures
7p. FEES a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
7p. GEMS art highly prized for its beauty or perfection
7p. AHIS Plural of ahi.
7p. GIBS a unit of information equal to 1024 mebibytes or 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes
7p. GIPS deprive of by deceit
7p. GOBS a large number or amount
7p. AAHS express admiration and pleasure by uttering `ooh' or `aah'
7p. GUMS a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing
7p. HAES
7p. HATS headdress that protects the head from bad weather
7p. HENS adult female chicken
7p. HERS
7p. GABS light informal conversation for social occasions
7p. HIES move fast
7p. HINS ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measure = 1.5 gallons
7p. HISS a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)
7p. HITS (baseball) a successful stroke in an athletic contest (especially in baseball)
7p. HOES a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
7p. HOLS Holidays time off work or time spent travelling.
7p. HONS
7p. HOTS used of physical heat
7p. HUES the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength
7p. HUNS a member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century
7p. HUTS temporary military shelter
7p. GAMS a herd of whales
7p. DOMS Plural of dom.
7p. FUSS an excited state of agitation
7p. FILS 100 Yemeni fils are worth one Yemeni rial
7p. FOES an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)
7p. BEDS a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep
7p. FLUS an acute febrile highly contagious viral disease
7p. BEGS call upon in supplication
7p. FITS a display of bad temper
7p. FIRS nonresinous wood of a fir tree
7p. FINS the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
7p. BIDS an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
7p. BADS that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency
7p. BIGS Plural of lang=en.
7p. FEUS
7p. BODS alternative names for the body of a human being
7p. BOGS wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation
7p. FETS a transistor in which most current flows in a channel whose effective resistance can be controlled by a transverse electric field
7p. FESS (heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield
7p. FENS 100 fen equal 1 yuan in China
7p. FONS
7p. BAGS a flexible container with a single opening
7p. FOSS Alternative spelling of fosse.
7p. FUNS activities that are enjoyable or amusing
7p. AVES (ornithology) the class of birds
7p. AYES Plural of aye.
7p. AVOS 100 avos equal 1 pataca in Macao
7p. AWES an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
7p. FURS the dressed hairy coat of a mammal
7p. ARFS
7p. AWLS a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes
7p. AWNS slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses
6p. GAGS a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter
6p. EPOS a body of poetry that conveys the traditions of a society by treating some epic theme
6p. DUDS informal terms for clothing
6p. IBIS wading birds of warm regions having long slender down-curved bills
6p. ICES water frozen in the solid state
6p. EMUS any of various systems of units for measuring electricity and magnetism
6p. DUGS an udder or breast or teat
6p. ELMS any of various trees of the genus Ulmus: important timber or shade trees
6p. EMES
6p. GIDS
6p. GIGS long and light rowing boat
6p. ECUS Plural of ecu.
6p. EGGS oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food
6p. GODS the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe
6p. GADS an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic free-floating anxiety and such symptoms as tension or sweating or trembling or lightheadedness or irritability etc that has lasted for more than six months
6p. ISMS a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
6p. GEDS
6p. COOS the sound made by a pigeon
6p. IGGS
6p. BIAS a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation
6p. BALS
6p. BANS a decree that prohibits something
6p. BARS gymnastic apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden rods supported on uprights
6p. BASS the lowest part of the musical range
6p. BATS nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
6p. BEES any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species
6p. BELS a logarithmic unit of sound intensity equal to 10 decibels
6p. BENS a mountain or tall hill
6p. BETS the money risked on a gamble
6p. BINS a container
6p. ASPS of southern Europe
6p. BIOS Plural of bio.
6p. BITS a small piece or quantity of something
6p. BOAS a long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur
6p. BOOS a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
6p. BOTS botfly larva
6p. BOSS a person who exercises control over workers
6p. BRAS an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts
6p. ABAS a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth
6p. BROS Plural of bro.
6p. BUNS the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
6p. BAAS South African term for `boss'
6p. ARMS weapons considered collectively
6p. BUSS the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)
6p. ABOS a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived
6p. ACES the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number
6p. ACTS a New Testament book describing the development of the early church from Christ's Ascension to Paul's sojourn at Rome
6p. ADDS a condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders
6p. AIMS an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
6p. ARCS electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
6p. ALBS a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves
6p. ALMS money or goods contributed to the poor
6p. ALPS a large mountain system in south-central Europe
6p. AMAS Plural of ama.
6p. AMIS
6p. AMUS
6p. APES any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all
6p. APOS
6p. ARBS
6p. BURS seed vessel having hooks or prickles
6p. BRIS ritual male circumcision.
6p. BUTS and nothing more
6p. CURS an inferior dog or one of mixed breed
6p. CUSS a persistently annoying person
6p. CUTS a share of the profits
6p. DADS an informal term for a father
6p. LAMS a rapid escape (as by criminals)
6p. DAGS 10 grams
6p. CANS airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.
6p. DOGS a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times
6p. LACS resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects
6p. LABS a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
6p. DIGS an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology
6p. CRUS the leg from the knee to foot
6p. CUES an actor's line that immediately precedes and serves as a reminder for some action or speech
6p. CORS
6p. CARS a motor vehicle with four wheels
6p. CATS feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and no ability to roar: domestic cats
6p. CEES Plural of cee, the name of the letter C.
6p. CELS Plural of cel.
6p. CESS An assessed tax.
6p. COLS a pass between mountain peaks
6p. CONS an argument opposed to a proposal
6p. COSS (in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities
6p. COTS a sheath worn to protect a finger
6p. LAPS the upper side of the thighs of a seated person
6p. CRIS
5p. IDES in the Roman calendar: the 15th of March or May or July or October or the 13th of any other month
5p. GUNS a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
5p. GUTS fortitude and determination
5p. LAGS the act of slowing down or falling behind
5p. LADS a boy or man
5p. GULS
5p. DORS Plural of dor.
5p. GOOS any thick, viscous matter
5p. DENS the habitation of wild animals
5p. ENDS either extremity of something that has length
5p. ELDS a late time of life
5p. EGOS an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others
5p. EGIS armor plate that protects the chest
5p. DAIS a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it
5p. DALS Plural of dal.
5p. DANS
5p. DEES Plural of dee, the name of the letter D.
5p. DELS Plural of del.
5p. DIES a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces
5p. GOES a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
5p. DINS a loud harsh or strident noise
5p. DISS An insult or put-down; an expression of disrespect.
5p. DUOS two items of the same kind
5p. DUNS horse of a dull brownish grey color
5p. DITS the shorter of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code
5p. DUES that which is deserved or owed
5p. DOES the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States
5p. DOLS a unit of pain intensity
5p. DONS a Spanish gentleman or nobleman
5p. DOTS a very small circular shape
5p. ENGS Plural of eng.
5p. ANDS Plural of AND.
5p. AIDS a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles
5p. GELS a colloid in a more solid form than a sol
5p. GIES
5p. ADOS a rapid active commotion
5p. AGAS title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey)
5p. GETS a return on a shot that seemed impossible to reach and would normally have resulted in a point for the opponent
5p. AGES how long something has existed
5p. GENS family based on male descent
5p. ERGS a cgs unit of work or energy
5p. GEES a unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity
5p. GITS Plural of git.
5p. GATS a gangster's pistol
5p. GARS primitive predaceous North American fish covered with hard scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth
5p. GALS United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3.785 liters
5p. GAES
5p. DOSS the federal department in the United States that sets and maintains foreign policies
5p. GNUS large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail
5p. GOAS a state of southwestern India
5p. GINS strong liquor flavored with juniper berries
4p. LARS
4p. IRES a strong emotion
4p. ILLS an often persistent bodily disorder or disease
4p. INNS a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
4p. IONS a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)
4p. IRIS plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
4p. LASS a girl or young woman who is unmarried
4p. ETAS a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party
4p. ALES a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast
4p. AITS Plural of ait.
4p. AIRS affected manners intended to impress others
4p. AINS belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself)
4p. AILS aromatic bulb used as seasoning
4p. AALS Plural of aal.
4p. ALTS angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
4p. ESES the compass point midway between east and southeast
4p. ALLS quantifier
4p. ALAS a flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism
4p. ANAS type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducks
4p. EATS informal terms for a meal
4p. ERRS to make a mistake or be incorrect
4p. EROS (Greek mythology) god of love
4p. ERNS bulky greyish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail
4p. ERAS a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event
4p. EONS the longest division of geological time
4p. ELLS an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building
4p. EELS the fatty flesh of eel
4p. ANES used of a single unit or thing
4p. EARS the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
4p. ARTS studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills)
4p. ANIS black tropical American cuckoo
4p. ANTS social insect living in organized colonies
4p. ARES (Greek mythology) Greek god of war
4p. ANUS the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal
4p. ATES goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment

Note: Word marked with * is a proper noun and may or may not be allowed in the scrabble games.

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In search field, * (asterisk) represents exactly one unknown character (so *a*e matches for example cate), and ? (question mark) represents any number of unknown characters (so ?ed matches for example embed)
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  1. ?s scrabble
Random high score word:
15p. JOKE
Score table:
1p. E, A, I, O, N, R, T, L, S, U
2p. D, G
3p. B, C, M, P
4p. F, H, V, W, Y
5p. K
8p. J, X
10p. Q, Z