SCIENCE in Scrabble

SCIENCE is accepted in Scrabble (sowpods, twl06). It is a 7-letter word and contains the following letters C C E E I N S (sorted alphabetically). SCIENCE is also a noun. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable.

Score table for SCIENCE

GameWordPoints totalDB Support

By adding one letter to SCIENCE you can create these words

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. SCIENCED13S1C3I1E1N1C3E1D2sowpodstwl06
2. LICENCES12L1I1C3E1N1C3E1S1sowpodstwl06
3. SCIENCES12S1C3I1E1N1C3E1S1sowpodstwl06

Words starting with SCIENCE

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. SCIENCED13S1C3I1E1N1C3E1D2sowpodstwl06
2. SCIENCES12S1C3I1E1N1C3E1S1sowpodstwl06

Words ending with SCIENCE

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. PSEUDOSCIENCE20P3S1E1U1D2O1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
2. ETHNOSCIENCE19E1T1H4N1O1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
3. MULTISCIENCE18M3U1L1T1I1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
4. PARASCIENCE17P3A1R1A1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
5. OMNISCIENCE17O1M3N1I1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
6. BIOSCIENCE16B3I1O1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
7. CONSCIENCE16C3O1N1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
8. PRESCIENCE16P3R1E1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
9. SUBSCIENCE16S1U1B3S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
10. NEUROSCIENCE16N1E1U1R1O1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
11. GEOSCIENCE15G2E1O1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
12. ANTISCIENCE15A1N1T1I1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
13. TELESCIENCE15T1E1L1E1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
14. NONSCIENCE14N1O1N1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
15. NESCIENCE13N1E1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06
16. INSCIENCE13I1N1S1C3I1E1N1C3E1sowpodstwl06

Definition of SCIENCE

A particular branch of scientific knowledge
The science of genetics
Ability to produce solutions in some problem domain
The skill of a well-trained boxer The sweet science of pugilism

Synonyms of SCIENCE

nounscientific discipline, discipline, subject, subject area, subject field, field, field of study, study, bailiwick, branch of knowledge
noun skill, ability, power

Wiktionary says

  1. Knowledge derived from scientific disciplines, scientific method, or any systematic effort.
  1. To cause to become versed in science; to make skilled; to instruct.
Wikipedia says
Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world. According to Aristotle, science is also the resulting body of reliable knowledge that can be logically and convincingly explained. Since classical antiquity science as a type of knowledge was closely linked to philosophy, the way of life dedicated to discovering such knowledge.
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