SPASTIC in Scrabble

SPASTIC is accepted in Scrabble (sowpods, twl06). It is a 7-letter word and contains the following letters A C I P S S T (sorted alphabetically). SPASTIC is an ajective. SPASTIC is also a noun. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable.

Score table for SPASTIC

GameWordPoints totalDB Support

By adding one letter to SPASTIC you can create these words

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. ESCAPIST12E1S1C3A1P3I1S1T1sowpodstwl06
2. PLASTICS12P3L1A1S1T1I1C3S1sowpodstwl06
3. POTASSIC12P3O1T1A1S1S1I1C3sowpodstwl06
4. SPACIEST12S1P3A1C3I1E1S1T1sowpodstwl06
5. SPASTICS12S1P3A1S1T1I1C3S1sowpodstwl06
6. ASEPTICS12A1S1E1P3T1I1C3S1sowpodstwl06

Words starting with SPASTIC

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. SPASTICALLY18S1P3A1S1T1I1C3A1L1L1Y4sowpodstwl06
2. SPASTICITY17S1P3A1S1T1I1C3I1T1Y4sowpodstwl06
3. SPASTICITIES16S1P3A1S1T1I1C3I1T1I1E1S1sowpodstwl06
4. SPASTICS12S1P3A1S1T1I1C3S1sowpodstwl06

Words ending with SPASTIC

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. BRONCHOSPASTIC25B3R1O1N1C3H4O1S1P3A1S1T1I1C3sowpodstwl06
2. VASOSPASTIC18V4A1S1O1S1P3A1S1T1I1C3sowpodstwl06
3. EPISPASTIC16E1P3I1S1P3A1S1T1I1C3sowpodstwl06
4. ANTISPASTIC15A1N1T1I1S1P3A1S1T1I1C3sowpodstwl06

Definition of SPASTIC

A person suffering from spastic paralysis
Relating to or characterized by spasm
A spastic colon Spastic paralysis is a spastic form of cerebral palsy
Suffering from spastic paralysis
A spastic child
Affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions
Resembling a spasm Convulsive motions His body made a spasmodic jerk Spastic movements

Synonyms of SPASTIC

adj symptom
adj ill, sick
adj convulsive, spasmodic, unsteady
noun paralytic

Wiktionary says

  1. A person affected by spastic paralysis or spastic cerebral palsy .
  2. A stupid, clumsy person.
  1. Of, relating to, or affected by spasm.
  2. Of or relating to spastic paralysis.
  3. Clumsy.
  4. Hyperactive, excited, and acting in a random manner.
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