SERVANT in Scrabble

SERVANT is accepted in Scrabble (sowpods, twl06). It is a 7-letter word and contains the following letters A E N R S T V (sorted alphabetically). SERVANT is a noun. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable.

Score table for SERVANT

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By adding one letter to SERVANT you can create these words

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. VARMENTS13V4A1R1M3E1N1T1S1sowpodstwl06
2. SERVANTS11S1E1R1V4A1N1T1S1sowpodstwl06
3. TAVERNAS11T1A1V4E1R1N1A1S1sowpodstwl06
4. TSAREVNA11T1S1A1R1E1V4N1A1sowpodstwl06
5. VAUNTERS11V4A1U1N1T1E1R1S1sowpodstwl06
6. VENTRALS11V4E1N1T1R1A1L1S1sowpodstwl06
7. VERSANTS11V4E1R1S1A1N1T1S1sowpodstwl06
8. VETERANS11V4E1T1E1R1A1N1S1sowpodstwl06
9. AVENTRES11A1V4E1N1T1R1E1S1sowpodstwl06
10. VENATORS11V4E1N1A1T1O1R1S1sowpodstwl06

Words starting with SERVANT

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. SERVANTSHIPS20S1E1R1V4A1N1T1S1H4I1P3S1sowpodstwl06
2. SERVANTHOODS19S1E1R1V4A1N1T1H4O1O1D2S1sowpodstwl06
3. SERVANTSHIP19S1E1R1V4A1N1T1S1H4I1P3sowpodstwl06
4. SERVANTHOOD18S1E1R1V4A1N1T1H4O1O1D2sowpodstwl06
5. SERVANTRY15S1E1R1V4A1N1T1R1Y4sowpodstwl06
6. SERVANTING14S1E1R1V4A1N1T1I1N1G2sowpodstwl06
7. SERVANTLESS14S1E1R1V4A1N1T1L1E1S1S1sowpodstwl06
8. SERVANTRIES14S1E1R1V4A1N1T1R1I1E1S1sowpodstwl06
9. SERVANTED13S1E1R1V4A1N1T1E1D2sowpodstwl06
10. SERVANTS11S1E1R1V4A1N1T1S1sowpodstwl06

Words ending with SERVANT

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. BONDSERVANT17B3O1N1D2S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
2. MAIDSERVANT17M3A1I1D2S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
3. NONOBSERVANT17N1O1N1O1B3S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
4. INOBSERVANT16I1N1O1B3S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
5. UNOBSERVANT16U1N1O1B3S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
6. MANSERVANT15M3A1N1S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
7. CONSERVANT15C3O1N1S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06
8. OBSERVANT14O1B3S1E1R1V4A1N1T1sowpodstwl06

Definition of SERVANT

A person working in the service of another (especially in the household)
In a subordinate position
Theology should be the handmaiden of ethics The state cannot be a servant of the church

Synonyms of SERVANT

noun retainer, worker
noun handmaid, handmaiden, subordinateness, subsidiarity

Wiktionary says

  1. One who serves another, providing help in some manner.
  2. One who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation. As opposed to a slave.
  1. To subject.
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