ISLAND in Scrabble

ISLAND is accepted in Scrabble (sowpods, twl06). It is a 6-letter word and contains the following letters A D I L N S (sorted alphabetically). ISLAND is a noun. ISLAND is also a verb. ISLAND (as verb) is conjugated this way: to island, islanded, islanding, islands. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable.

Score table for ISLAND

GameWordPoints totalDB Support

By adding one letter to ISLAND you can create these words

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. LIGANDS9L1I1G2A1N1D2S1sowpodstwl06
2. LADINGS9L1A1D2I1N1G2S1sowpodstwl06
3. ALDRINS8A1L1D2R1I1N1S1sowpodstwl06
4. DENIALS8D2E1N1I1A1L1S1sowpodstwl06
5. INLANDS8I1N1L1A1N1D2S1sowpodstwl06
6. ISLANDS8I1S1L1A1N1D2S1sowpodstwl06
7. LADINOS8L1A1D2I1N1O1S1sowpodstwl06
8. SNAILED8S1N1A1I1L1E1D2sowpodstwl06
9. SUNDIAL8S1U1N1D2I1A1L1sowpodstwl06
10. DOLINAS8D2O1L1I1N1A1S1sowpodstwl06
11. DUALINS8D2U1A1L1I1N1S1sowpodstwl06
12. TINDALS8T1I1N1D2A1L1S1sowpodstwl06

Words starting with ISLAND

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. ISLANDING11I1S1L1A1N1D2I1N1G2sowpodstwl06
2. ISLANDED10I1S1L1A1N1D2E1D2sowpodstwl06
3. ISLANDERS10I1S1L1A1N1D2E1R1S1sowpodstwl06
4. ISLANDER9I1S1L1A1N1D2E1R1sowpodstwl06
5. ISLANDS8I1S1L1A1N1D2S1sowpodstwl06

Words ending with ISLAND

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. INTERISLAND12I1N1T1E1R1I1S1L1A1N1D2sowpodstwl06

Definition of ISLAND

A land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water
A zone or area resembling an island

Synonyms of ISLAND

noun land, dry land, earth, ground, solid ground, terra firma
noun zone

Wiktionary says

  1. A contiguous area of land, smaller than a continent, totally surrounded by water.
  2. An entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself.
  3. A superstructure on an aircraft carrier's deck.
  4. A traffic island .
  1. To surround with water; make into an island.
  2. To set, dot as if with islands.
  3. To isolate.
Wikipedia says
An island or isle is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, cays or keys. An island in a river or lake may be called an eyot /ˈaɪ. ət/, or holm.
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