CURRENCY in Scrabble

CURRENCY is accepted in Scrabble (sowpods, twl06). It is a 8-letter word and contains the following letters C C E N R R U Y (sorted alphabetically). CURRENCY is a noun. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable.

Score table for CURRENCY

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Words ending with CURRENCY

 WordPoints totalLetter's scoreDB Support
1. MULTICURRENCY22M3U1L1T1I1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06
2. PETROCURRENCY22P3E1T1R1O1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06
3. CONCURRENCY20C3O1N1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06
4. EUROCURRENCY19E1U1R1O1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06
5. DECURRENCY18D2E1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06
6. RECURRENCY17R1E1C3U1R1R1E1N1C3Y4sowpodstwl06

Definition of CURRENCY

The metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used
General acceptance or use
The currency of ideas
The property of belonging to the present time
The currency of a slang term

Synonyms of CURRENCY

nounmedium of exchange, monetary system
noun prevalence
noun vogue, acceptance
noun currentness, up-to-dateness, presentness, nowness

Wiktionary says

  1. Money or other items used to facilitate transactions.
  2. Paper money.
  3. The state of being current; general acceptance or recognition.
  4. fluency; readiness of utterance.
  5. Current value; general estimation; the rate at which anything is generally valued.
Wikipedia says
The term currency can refer to a particular currency, for example Pound Sterling, or to the coins and banknotes of a particular currency, which comprise the physical aspects of a nation's money supply. The other part of a nation's money supply consists of money deposited in banks (sometimes called deposit money), ownership of which can be transferred by means of cheques or other forms of money transfer such as credit and debit cards. Deposit money and currency are money in the sense that both are acceptable as a means of exchange, but money need not necessarily be currency.
Score table
1p. E, A, I, O, N, R, T, L, S, U
2p. D, G
3p. B, C, M, P
4p. F, H, V, W, Y
5p. K
8p. J, X
10p. Q, Z