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3-letter answers to clues with YOO (DRINK BRAND)

Answer Clue
ACE Bandage brand
ADE Quench ___ (sports drink brand)
AGE Time for a certain brand of appliance
AIM Brushing brand
AIR ___ Wick (room deodorizer brand)
ALE American ___ (Budweiser brand introduced in 2008)
ALL Detergent brand
ALP Real Dogs Eat Meat brand
ALS ___ Grill (Alpo brand)
AMO Te-___: Mexican cigar brand
AMP Brand of energy drink
ANN Apparel brand ___ Taylor
ARP Old analog synthesizer brand
ATA ___-Glance: appointment book brand
AXE The Cleaner You Are, The Dirtier You Get brand
AZT Drug sold under the brand name Retrovir
BAC -- -Os (salad topping brand)
BAG Papa's Got a Brand New ___ (James Brown classic)
BAN Deodorant brand
BBQ Kitchenware brand
BEE Sue ___ (honey brand)
BIC Ballpoint brand
BIZ Brand of laundry detergent
BLO Pop brand
BMX Bicycle brand
BUD Beer brand, briefly
BVD Brand of briefs
CEL O-___-O (brand of sponge)
DAK Danish-ham brand
DEB Brand-new socialite
DEL ___ Monte (fruit juice brand)
DEP Styling gel brand
DEW Mountain ___ (soft drink brand)
DOE No-name brand?
DOH Play- -- (clay brand)
DOO Ski-___ (snowmobile brand)
DOZ No-___ (brand of caffeine pills)
DRE Beats by Dr. ___ (headphone brand)
DRI Soft & ___ (Gillette brand)
DUM Twice, a lollipop brand
DUZ Former detergent brand
ECO Budget, in brand names
EDY Confectioner Joseph who lent his name to an ice cream brand
EGO Brand in the freezer
ENO Antacid brand
EOS Camera brand pitched by Andre Agassi
EPT Brand with pluses and minuses
ERA Laundry room brand
ESS Bygone brand on the highway
EVE Apple & ___ (juice brand)
EZE Snooze-aid brand, Sleep-___
EZO Denture-cushion brand
FAB Detergent brand
FAL T-___ (cookware brand)
FDS Brand in the women's hygiene section
FIG ___ Newmans (Paul's cookie brand)
GEO Former General Motors brand
GES Some microwaves, brand-wise
GIO Acqua di ___ (cologne brand)
GLO Day- ___: pigment brand
GMC SUV brand
GON Weed-B-___ (pesticide brand)
GRO Miracle-___ (garden care brand)
HAI ___ Karate (old brand of aftershave)
HAV Cigar brand, ___-a-Tampa
HER Hanes ___ Way (underwear brand)
HIC Popular fruit drink brand
HOO Yoo-___ (beverage brand)
ICE Trump ___ (defunct bottled water brand)
IDA Ore- -- (frozen fries brand)
IKE Mike and ___ (candy brand)
ILE ___-de-France (brand of Brie)
INN College ___ (soup brand)
IOI FireWire equipment brand
ION Saturn brand
ITS I Can't Believe ___ Not Butter! (bread spread brand)
JAC Bil-___ (dog food brand)
JAX Brand of cheese curls
JIF Peanut butter brand
KAL ___ Kan (pet food brand)
KAN Kal ___ (pet food brand)
KAT Kit ___: candy brand
KEM Best-known plastic cards brand*
KEY 'Brand New --' ('71 hit)
KIA Brand name on '03 Sedona minivan
KIP Digital copier brand
KIX Popular cereal brand
LAI Mauna ___ (drink brand)
LAZ ___-Boy (furniture brand)
LEA ___ & Perrins (sauce brand)
LEE Jeans brand
LEI Jeans brand marketed for young girls
LEO Tony Blair's brand-new son
LIA ___ Sophia (jewelry brand)
LOA Mauna ___ (brand of macadamia nuts)
LON Ban-___ (brand of synthetic yarn)
LOS Beringer brand ___ Hermanos
LUX Unilever soap brand
MAC PC brand
MAX Brand of screenwriting
MRS ___ Butterworth's (syrup brand)
MTN ___ Dew (rebranded brand name)
MUG Root beer brand, or container
NEC Brand of DVD player
NEW Word with spanking or brand
NSU Brand on '69 Ro80 rotary-engine car (1,1,1)
OFF Bug spray brand
OHM ___ by Olay (Procter & Gamble brand)
OHS Quaker ___ (cereal brand)
OLA Rock ___ (jukebox brand)
OLD Word with Spice in a brand name
OLE ___ Salty's (potato chip brand)
ONE Sugar-free Pepsi brand
OPI Nail polish brand with a Shrek-themed line
ORE ___-Ida (brand in the frozen food section)
ORO Stella D'___ (cookie brand)
OSH ___Kosh B'Gosh (brand of kids' clothing)
OVE The ___ Glove (thermal mitt brand)
OWN Paul's brand, Newman's ___
OXO Good Grips kitchenware brand
OXY Acne treatment brand
PAM Brand of cooking spray
PET Brand bought by Pillsbury in 1955
PEZ Candy brand
PIK Water ___ (Teledyne toothbrush brand)
POG Hawaiian juice brand that lent its name to a 1990's fad
POM Juice brand made from a many seeded fruit
POO ___~pourri (bathroom scent brand)
PUF Sta- -- (fabric softener brand)
PUP Brand-new toy?
PUR Water filter brand
RAE Julianna ___ (sleepwear brand)
RAM Noted brand of golf clubs
RCA Popular TV brand
REM ___ Martin (cognac brand)
REO Brand of early runabouts
RID Brand of lice-killing shampoo
RIO MP3 player brand
RIT Leading dye brand
ROI ___ Tan (cigar brand)
RUT Same old track, or a brand new one
SAK Bag, in brand names
SEA Chicken of the ___ (brand of tuna)
SHE ___ being Brand (Cummings poem)
SIG Swiss gun brand
SIN Brand of hair lightener
SLO ___-Blo (fuse brand)
SNO ___ Balls (Hostess brand)
SOL Pine- ___: cleaning brand
SOS Pot-scrubbing brand
STA ___-Flo (liquid starch brand)
STP Engine additive brand
SUP Schweppes brand
TAB Coca-Cola Co. brand
TAC Tic -- (mint brand)
TAG ___ Heuer (Swiss watch brand)
TAJ ___ Mahal (Indian beer brand)
TAT Brand of flypaper
TDK Audiotape brand once advertised to the tune of Isn't She Lovely?
TEA Four O'Clock is a brand of it
TEC Hi-___: shoe brand
TEK Toothbrush brand
TEN Tanqueray gin brand
TIO ___ Pepe (sherry brand)
TMS Brand names have them: abbr.
TOT Brand new walker
TRI Ortho ___-Cyclen (birth control pill brand)
TRU Har-___ (brand of tennis court surface)
TSE Cashmere clothing brand
TUC Discontinued brand of Keebler crackers
TYD ___-Bol (cleaner brand)
UGG Boho boot brand
UMM Steak- -- (brand of thinly sliced frozen beef)
UNO Card game brand
UTZ Brand of potato chips
VOX Amplifier brand
WEL ___-Bilt (power tool brand)
WIP Reddi-___ (brand of dessert topping)
WOW Frito-Lay's olestra-based brand
YOO ___-hoo (drink brand)


4-letter answers to clues with YOO (DRINK BRAND)

Answer Clue
AAND ___ W (root beer brand)
ACER Computer brand
ACME Brand used by Wile E. Coyote
ACNE Swedish jeans brand
ACTO X-___: tool brand
ADAY One ___: vitamin brand
AERO Inflatable bed brand
AFTA Colgate brand
AGFA Film brand
AHOY Chips ___! (cookie brand)
AIWA Brand of 19-ACROSS
AJAX Sink-cleaning brand
AKAI Electronics brand
ALAR Daminozide brand
ALBA Brand of powdered milk
ALDO Montreal-based shoe brand
ALKA Plop, plop, fizz, fizz brand word
ALLI Diet-pill brand
ALPO Brand for Bowser
AMOS Famous cookie brand
AMYS Vegan-friendly brand
ANEW Antiaging brand from Avon
ANSO Rug-fiber brand name
AONE Steak sauce brand
AQUA ___ Velva (blue aftershave brand)
ARAL European gas brand
ARCO West Coast gas brand
ARGO Cornstarch brand
ATRA Razor brand
ATTA ___ Boy (dog food brand)
AUDI Brand with a four-ring logo
AVIA Athletic shoe brand
AVON Cosmetics brand
BALI Bra brand
BARQ ___'s (root beer brand)
BASF Audiotape brand
BASS Brand of ale
BEBE Women's apparel brand
BEES Health food store brand, Burt's ___
BEHR Home Depot paint brand
BENS Uncle ___ (rice brand)
BGON Weed-___ (lawn spray brand)
BILT 'Manufactured,' in some brand names
BIRO Pen brand
BITO ___-Honey (candy brand)
BLOO Bygone toilet-cleaner brand
BOCA Meatless burgers brand
BOSE Speaker brand named for the MIT professor who started the company
BRAU Meister ___ (beer brand)
BRUT Long time men's cologne brand
BURT Namesake of a noted beeswax lip balm brand
BVDS Underwear brand
CAPN ___ Crunch (cereal brand)
CERT Breath mint brand
CHEX General Mills brand
CHIA Brand of pet
CHOC Sweet stuff, in brand names
CHOY La ___ (Chinese food brand)
CLAD All-___ (cookware brand)
CLIC Bic -- Stic (pen brand)
CLIF ___ Bar (energy food brand)
CLOS Wine brand, ___ du Bois
COKE Brand of cola
COLT Forty-ounce brand, with 45
COTY Cosmetics brand
CRAY Supercomputer brand
DADS Root beer brand
DCON Brand of bug killer
DEET Insect repellent brand
DELL Brand of computer
DIAL Soap brand
DIOR ___ Homme (perfume brand)
DKNY Popular brand on Zappos
DOIT Just ___ (Sneaker brand slogan)
DOLE Pineapple brand
DONQ Brand of rum
DORO Stella ___ (Italian food brand)
DOTS Brand of gumdrops
DOUL O'___'s (non-alcoholic beer brand)
DOVE Chocolate brand
DUCO Household cement brand
DUFF The Simpsons beer brand
DURO Super-glue brand
DYNA ___Flex: exercise products brand
ECCO Danish shoe brand since 1963
ECKO Shoe brand with a rhinoceros logo
EDGE Shaving-gel brand
EDYS Ice cream brand
EGGO Frozen waffle brand
EKCO Bakeware brand
ELAN Brand of skis
ELLA Emergency contraceptive pill brand
ENZO ___ Angiolini (women's shoe brand)
EPTS Brand-name kits that tell if you're with child
ERNO ___ Laszlo (skin care brand)
ESPN ___ on ABC (sports programming brand)
ESSO Bygone gas brand
FEAR No ___ (clothing brand)
FIAT Italian car brand
FIJI Untouched by man bottled water brand
FILA Sportswear brand since 1911
FLEX Revlon shampoo brand
FONE Communications device, in some brand names
FOTO Snapshot, in brand names
FRAM Oil filter brand
FRED Premium bottled water brand
FRYE Popular brand of boots
FUBU Urban clothing brand
FUJI Digital camera brand
FUZE Drink brand in colorful bottles
GASX Cramp relieving brand
GINO ___ Franco (watch brand)
GIRL St. Pauli ___ (beer brand)
GLAD Trash bag brand
GOOP Hand-cleaning brand
GOYA Spanish food brand
GRIA Yago Sant'___ (wine brand)
HALO Sixties shampoo brand
HARP Brand of ale
HEET Liniment brand
HERD Cattle that all have the same brand
HESS Fuel brand with green and white stations
HIHO Cracker brand
HOSS Beverage brand once sold "in all popular flavors"
IAMS Pet food brand
IANS All-natural frozen food brand
ICEE Frozen carbonated drink brand
IDES St. ___ (malt liquor brand named after an Irish nun)
IGIA As seen on TV brand of nose hair trimmers and stove top cleaners
IKEA Furniture brand
IKON Russian vodka brand
ILLY Italian coffee brand
IMAC Desktop brand
IPEX Victoria's Secret wireless bra brand
IPOD Brand launched by Apple in October 2001
IRON Maker of a brand name?
ITEL Brand of chips
IVES St. ___ (skin care brand)
IZOD Shirt brand name
JSTT Brand-new on the shelves
KARO Brand of syrup
KAVA Instant-coffee brand
KEDS Sneakers brand
KENL ___ Ration: dog food brand
KENT Classic cigarette brand
KERI Lotion brand
KIST Brand attachment with Sun and Star
KIWI Shoe-polish brand
KNEX Snap-together toy brand
KNOX Gelatin brand
KOOL Cigarette brand and former jazz festival sponsor
KOSS Headphones brand
LADA Russian car brand
LARK Liggett Group cigarette brand
LAVA Soap brand for over 100 years
LAYS Chip brand that comes in a KC Masterpiece barbecue flavor
LEAN Brand of cuisine
LEAR Producer of an aircraft brand
LEES Jeans brand
LEGO Toy blocks brand
LEIC Early 35mm camera brand
LITE Miller beer brand
LOGO Brand symbol
LONE ___ Star (brand of beer)
LUVS Brand at the bottom?
MACE Pepper spray brand
MACK Truck brand
MAKE Auto brand
MAUI ___ Gold (pineapple brand)
MCAN Thom -- (shoe brand)
MEAD Big back-to-school brand
MEOW ___ Mix (pet store brand)
MINI ___ Ritz (cracker brand)
MINT Brand-new condition
MITA Copier brand
MOBY Electronic musician who launched a beverage brand
MOEN Popular brand of faucet
MOET ___ & Chandon (champagne brand)
MORE R.J. Reynolds tobacco brand
MRSD Food flavoring brand
NAIR Depilatory brand
NAME Word before calling or brand
NAPA Auto parts brand
NAYA Bottled water brand
NEET Hair removal brand
NEHI Royal Crown Cola brand
NEON Dodge brand
NERF Squishy ball brand
NIBS Licorice brand
NIKE Athletics brand with a swoosh
NIPS Pearson hard candy brand
NSLO Swimming pool chemical brand Lo' ___
NUVA ___Ring (birth control brand)
OBAN Single malt scotch brand
OLAY Skin care brand
OLDE ___ English 800 (malt liquor brand)
OLDS Another Motown brand, for short
OLGA Popular brand of lingerie
ONEA ___-Day (vitamin brand)
ONES Diet brand, Smart ___
OPEL General Motors brand in continental Europe
OPTI With Scan, a brand of imaging equipment
ORAL ___-B (toothbrush brand)
ORBS Camel smokeless tobacco brand
OREO Nabisco brand
OTHE Cock ___ North (Scotch brand)
OTIS Elevator brand
PAAS Easter decoration brand
PALL ___ Mall (fag brand)
PASO Old El ___ (food brand)
PEDS Brand of women's socks
PENN Tennis-ball brand
PEPE Tio ___ (sherry brand)
PERT ___ Plus (shampoo brand)
PIBB Mr. ___ (soft drink brand)
PING Golf club brand founded by Karsten Solheim
PIXY ___ Stix (powdered candy brand)
PLAX Dental rinse brand
POLO Ralph Lauren brand
POMI Brand of aseptically-packaged tomatoes and sauces
POST Grape-Nuts brand
PRAT Noilly ___: vermouth brand
PUMA Sportswear brand
QTIP Swab brand
QUIK Cocoa brand
RADO Swiss watch brand
RAGU Sauce brand
RAID Brand that 'kills bugs dead'
RAZR Classic slim cell phone brand
RCAS Some VCRs, brand-wise
REDI ___-whip (whipped cream brand)
REMY ___ Martin (cognac brand)
RENU Eye care brand
REXO Bygone brand of photo equipment
RIDX Hyphenated septic system treatment brand
RITZ Popular cracker brand
ROCA Almond ___ (candy brand)
ROLO Candy brand with caramel and chocolate
RONI Pasta, in brand names
ROOS Footwear brand with pockets, briefly
ROSS Popular bicycle brand
RUSS Liz Claiborne brand
SAAB Seinfeld's car brand on TV
SANI -- -Flush (bathroom brand)
SARA ___ Lee (frozen dessert brand)
SARK Cutty ___: scotch brand
SEAR Burn a brand into
SEAS Seven ___ (dressing brand)
SEGA Video game brand name
SILK *Soy milk brand
SKIL Brand of power tools
SKOL Vodka brand
SKOR Candy bar brand
SKYY Blue-bottled booze brand
SLIM Word with Fast and Jim in brand names
SOBE Beverage brand with a lizard logo
SOCO Bourbon blend brand, briefly
SOLO Common college brand
SONY Major TV brand
SPAM Canned meat brand
SPIC ___ and Span (cleaner brand)
STAR Western ___, big-rig brand
STAX Lay's brand
STEP Fresh ___ (cat litter brand)
STIC Bic Clic -- (pen brand)
SURE Deodorant brand
TABU Perfume brand
TANG Kraft brand
TAZO Tea brand
TCBY Mrs. Fields brand
TEAC Stereo brand
TEVA Brand with Well-ventilated sport shoes
TFAL Cookware brand
THOM -- McAn (shoe brand)
TIAS Kettle Brand's line of corn chips
TIDE Brand of laundry detergent
TIVO DVR brand
TMAX Kodak black-and-white film brand
TODS Upscale Italian shoe brand
TOMS ___ of Maine (toothpaste brand)
TONE Brand of soap
TONI Brand of home perm kit
TORO Lawn mower brand
TRAC ___ II (razor brand)
TRIX Cereal brand
TRUE Lorillard cigarette brand
TUMS Antacid brand
UBET Chocolate-syrup brand
USED Not brand-new
VAIO Sony laptop brand
VANS Sneaker brand popular among skateboarders
VIVA Paper towel brand
VMAS Ceremony hosted by Russell Brand earlier this month
VOIT Brand of foosball table with full apron, teak legs and four molded balls
WABO Cabo ___ (Sammy Hagar tequila brand)
WICK Air ___: freshener brand
WILD ___ Turkey (bourbon brand)
WISE Snack brand with an owl logo
WISK Ring around the collar brand
WITE ___-Out (correction fluid brand)
XEON Intel chip brand
XTRA Pibb ___ (soda brand)
YAGO ___ Sant'Gria (wine brand)
YALE Lock brand
ZEST Brand that's in bars
ZIMA Coors alcopop brand

5-letter answers to clues with YOO (DRINK BRAND)

Answer Clue
AAMCO Brand with a car horn heard in its ads
AANDW Brand at
ACTII Microwave popcorn brand owned by ConAgra
ACURA Brand name on '03 MDX luxury SUV
ADVIL Ibuprofen brand
AERIE Bra brand from American Eagle Outfitters
AFRIN Brand of nasal spray
ALCOA Aluminum brand name
ALERO Car brand discontinued in 2004
ALEVE Pain-relief brand
ALLIN Brand of wafers
ALLRA Brand for hay fever sufferers
ALMAY Hypoallergenic skin care brand
ALPEN Muesli brand name
AMANA Appliance brand
AMIGA Old home computer brand
AMOCO Old brand whose logo featured a torch
AMORE Brand of tomato paste
ANDES Brand of chocolate mints
ANNES Auntie ___ (brand of pretzels)
ANSCO Inexpensive former camera brand
ARNEL Synthetic fiber brand
ARONI Rice- -- (Quaker brand)
ARRID Deodorant brand
ARROW Shirt brand
ASAHI Japanese beer brand
ASICS Brand of running shoe
ASPEN Coty cologne brand
ASTON ___ Martin (luxury car brand)
ATARI Brand name derived from a Go term
AVEDA Spa brand
AVERY Big brand of office labels
BACOS Salad topping brand
BARQS Brand of root beer
BAYER Aspirin brand
BEEFT Deck of brand-name playing cards?
BIORE Skin care brand with strips
BOLLA Chianti brand
BONDO Trade name, body-filler brand
BOSCO Chocolate syrup brand
BRATZ Brand of teenaged dolls
BRAUN Coffee maker brand
BRECK Nostalgic shampoo brand
BRITA Noted brand of water filter
BRITE Scotch-___ (brand of scouring pad)
BROMO Antacid brand, familiarly
BRUNO ___ Magli (designer shoe brand)
BUICK Brand name on '80s Grand National model
BUSHS Baked beans brand with onion and Boston varieties
BUSOG Rotary mower brand
CAMAY Bar soap brand
CAMEL R.J. Reynolds brand
CAPRI A Brown & Williamson brand being sold via catalog
CARRS British cracker brand dating back to 1831
CASIO Calculator brand
CENTO Anchovy brand
CERTS Brand of breath mints
CHEER Detergent brand
CIGAR Its brand is on its band
CITGO Brand of gasoline
COAST Soap brand
COMET Cleanser brand
COORS Beer brand in Smokey and the Bandit big rig
CORGI Queen's canine & model-car brand
CREST Toothpaste brand
CRISP Like a brand new dollar bill
CROCS Plastic clog footwear brand
CURAD Bandage brand
CUTEX Nail polish brand
DAISY Brand New song about a flower?
DAIWA Fishing-gear brand
DBASE Early statistical software brand
DEERE Lawn mower brand
DELCO Battery brand
DENON Home theater audio brand
DEWAR Namesake of a blended whisky brand
DINTY -- Moore (stew brand)
DIREC Letters before TV, in a brand name
DIXIE Cup brand
DIXON Popular pencil brand
DOANS Backache pill brand
DORAL R. J. Reynolds brand
DOWNY Laundry brand
DRANO Liquid lye brand
DREFT Detergent brand in a pink package
DROID Smartphone brand
DUPLO Brand of Lego bricks
EAGLE '88-'98 Chrysler Corporation brand
EATON Stationery brand
ECONO Low-budget, in brand names
EDSEL Comet brand before it was reassigned to Mercury
ELLEN Glen ___ (one-time Benziger Family brand)
ELMRS Glue brand
ELTON Brand of basketball
ELURA Canon camcorder brand
ENTEN ___-mini's (brand of small snack cakes)
EPSON Brand of printer
EQUAL Brand of sweetener
ESPIO Pentax camera brand
ESSEX Brand of Steinway & Sons pianos
ESSIE Nail polish brand
ESTEE ___ Lauder (cosmetics brand)
ETHAN Brand written about by Hawthorne
ETHOS Controversial Starbucks water brand
EVIAN Brand of water
EXLAX Going brand?
EXTRA Brand of sugar-free gum
EXXON Brand that can be bought using Speedpass
FABER Eberhard ___ (pencil brand)
FANTA Orange soda brand
FERIA L'Oreal hair color brand
FLAIR Soft-tipped pen brand
FLEER Brand of sports trading cards
FLITE Top-___ (golf ball brand)

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