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3-letter answers to clues with HIGHER;ABOVE


4-letter answers to clues with HIGHER;ABOVE

Answer Clue
ACME You can't get any higher than this
AJET Answer to the riddle The higher it goes, the less you hear it
ALTO Tenor's higher-up
ASPI Easy ___: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics (Oleg A. Ivanov tome)
ATWT It's higher for B than for Be
AUNT One slightly higher in a tree
BEAT Score higher than
BRAS Higher-ups
CAPO Underworld higher-up
COLL Higher-learning org.
CUBE Take to a higher power?
EARL British higher-up
EPPS Actor Omar of Higher Learning
EXEC Higher-up
GODS Higher powers
GOUP Reach a higher rank
INST School of higher ed.
LEAN Like higher-priced beef
MADE Like higher-ups in the Mafia
META On a higher plane
MINT Coin grade higher than fine
MSGR Cath. higher-up
OBOE Woodwind higher than a bassoon
OMAR Epps of Higher Learning
ONUP And higher
OTIS He helped raise people to higher levels
OTTO Due to a higher power?
OVER Higher than
PRAY Appeal to higher authority?
RISE Get higher
RITA Higher and Higher singer Coolidge
ROAM Rack up higher cell phone charges
ROSE Got higher, as the tide
SGTS Officers ranking higher than corporals: Abbr.
SKAT Game using only cards higher than six
STEP What may get you a little higher
SUNY Empire State higher ed. system
TECH Follows Georgia in higher education
UBER Higher, in Hamburg
UCLA Where parts of the '95 film Higher Learning were shot
UNIV Center of higher educ.
UPTO No higher than
WARP Move to a higher level, like in Super Mario Bros.

5-letter answers to clues with HIGHER;ABOVE

Answer Clue
ABOVE Ranked higher than
ADULT R-rated or higher
ALIEN Higher-up individual?
ALOFT Higher up
BASKS Luxuriates in a way that triggers the brain to release chemicals resulting in higher serotonin levels
BFLAT It's a bit higher than A
BIDUP Cause to get higher, as a price at auction: 2 wds.
BRASS Higher-ups
CLIMB Get higher
COVER Play a higher card
CREED Higher band
CUBES Takes to a higher power?
DEANS Campus higher-ups
ELDER Person of higher rank
FINER Of higher quality
HOIST Army has one set higher (5)
HONOR Ten or higher
HOPUP Reach a higher level?
LEARY Harvard proponent of higher education?
MOTTO Swifter, Higher, Stronger, e.g.
MRBIG Underworld higher-up
NEVER It ___ Entered My Mind (song from Higher and Higher)
NEWER Having a higher model number, say
OBESE With a BMI 30 or higher
OVERS Go the ___ (blind a pot so as to play at a higher level)*
PLATO Founder of the first institution of higher learning in the Western world
RAISE Make higher
RAJAH Delhi higher-up
RETAX Impose higher levies
SAFER Receiving a higher Consumer Reports rating, perhaps
SCALP Resell at much higher prices
SEEDS The higher ones are usually better
SHARP Higher than normal
STEVE Higher Love singer Winwood
TENOR Voice higher than baritone
THANA Higher ___ kite
UPPED Took higher
UPPER Higher of two
WAYUP Much higher than before: 2 wds.

6-letter answers to clues with HIGHER;ABOVE

Answer Clue
AIRIER Having a higher ceiling and more light
ALKALI Its pH is higher than 7
ALTIUS Higher, in the Olympic motto
AMPSUP Kicks to a higher level
APPEAL Take to a higher court
ASCEND Go to a higher level
ASTRAL On a higher plane
BETTER Higher-quality
BFLATS They're higher than A's
BLIMPS Goodyear's higher selves?
DEARER Higher-priced
DREAMS Higher and higher, straight up we'll climb Van Halen song
ECOLES Grandes ___, part of France's higher education system
FALSTO Much higher than normal
GANDHI Leader who said There is no god higher than truth
HARDER Higher on the Mohs scale
HOTTER Higher in temperature
ICKIER Higher on the repulsiveness scale
MARKUP Sell at a higher price
MORESO To a higher degree
NOBLER Higher born
NTUPLE Ordered list, in higher math
OTTAVA In music, a full interval higher or lower than written
OUTBID Made a higher offer
OUTDID Rose higher on the bestseller list
OUTHIT Have a higher batting average than
OUTPAY Offer a higher salary than
PREFER Rate higher
RAISED Made higher
RERANK Give a higher seeding
RICHER Higher in fuel-to-air ratio
SENIOR Higher-ranking
SERAPH Angel higher than a cherub
SHARPS Small musical instruments making notes one half step higher (6)
SOARED Went higher and higher
TALLER Higher up
TENSER Strung higher?
TIARAS They're often higher than queens
UPHERE Higher calling?
UPLAND Higher ground
UPSIDE Higher part
YESSIR Reply to a higher-up

7-letter answers to clues with HIGHER;ABOVE

Answer Clue
APPEALS Goes to a higher court
ARISTOS Higher-ups, in Britain
ELEVATE Make higher
ENNOBLE Lift up to a higher class
EVEREST It's higher than K2
HONCHOS Higher-ups
LOFTIER Extending higher
MAHALIA Move On Up a Little Higher singer Jackson
ODDLOTS They have higher commission rates
ONTOPOF Higher than
OUTDRAW Get higher ratings than
OUTHITS Gets a higher batting average
OUTRANK Rate higher than
OUTRATE Obtain a higher ranking than
OUTSOAR Fly higher than
OUTSOLD Ranked higher than on
PROUDER With head held higher
SOPRANI Higher-ups?
STEEPEN Give a higher grade to?
STEEPER Higher-priced
STPETER Famous higher-up in admissions?
TALLEST Higher than any other
TIPSIER Higher, in a way
TONEDUP 0, Ned put the sound higher
UPSHIFT Select a higher gear
UPWARDS Towards a higher place
WINWOOD Higher Love singer Steve

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