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3-letter answers to clues with ALTER


4-letter answers to clues with ALTER

Answer Clue
AKAS Crooks' alter egos
ALIG Sacha Baron Cohen alter-ego
CROP Alter a screen image
DORF Conway's video alter ego
EDIE Carmela's alter ego
EDIT Alter or refine
EDNA Barry Humphries alter ego Dame ___
EGOS Alter ___
EROS Cupid's alter ego
HOKE Alter deceptively, with 'up'
HULK Dr. Banner's alter ego
HYDE Jekyll's alter ego
IDEM Alter ___ (exact duplicate)
INAT Take ___ the waist (alter, perhaps)
IPSE Alter ___ amicus
IRON ___ Man, Tony Stark's alter ego
KENT Superman's alter ego
NEON None can alter this element
PALS Alter egos
REDO Alter the appearance of
SANE Aladdin ___ (David Bowie alter ego)
SKEW Alter to one's advantage
SLIM Part of Eminem's alter ego
SPAY Alter
TROY Donna ___ (Wondergirl's alter ego)
URSA Dipper's celestial alter-ego
VARY Alter
VEER Alter one s course
ZEKE The Cowardly Lion's Kansan alter ego
ZEUS Swan's alter ego, in myth

5-letter answers to clues with ALTER

Answer Clue
ADAPT Alter to fit
ALICE Alter ego of Celia
AMEND Alter, as an agreement
ATION Suffix with alter or perturb
BOWIE Ziggy Stardust's alter ego
BRITT The Green Hornet's alter ego
BRUCE ___ Wayne (Batman alter ego)
BRUNO Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego
CELIA ALICE's mixed-up alter-ego?
CLONE Alter ego?
DIANA Wonder Woman's alter ego ___ Prince
DIDDY Sean Combs alter ego
ERODE Alter, as a shoreline
MORPH Alter pixel by pixel
MRHAT Mr./Mrs. Garrison's alter ego on South Park
MRHYD Literary alter ego
OTHER Alter ego
RAMBO Sly alter ego
RECUT Alter diamond facets
REDUB Alter the soundtrack
REFIT Alter a jacket
REHEM Alter anew as a dress
RELOG Alter the records
REMAP Alter the chart
RESET Alter the timer
RETAG Alter in a clothing store?
ROBIN Dick Grayson's alter ego
SAINT Simon Templar alter ego
SHADY Part of an Eminem alter ego
SHERA Her alter ego is Princess Adora
SNERD Bergen alter ego
SPIFF Calvin's alter ego Spaceman ___
TINCT Alter in color
TWEAK Alter a bit
WAYNE Batman's alter ego
ZORRO Don Diego's alter ego

6-letter answers to clues with ALTER

Answer Clue
AFLATS G#s' alter egos
BATMAN Wayne's alter-ego
BEAVIS Cornholio alter ego
CARNAC One of Johnny's alter egos
DOCTOR Alter deceptively
EDISON ___ Carter: Max Headroom's alter ego
ELVIRA Cassandra Peterson's alter ego
ERNEST Jim Varney's alter ego
HOBBES Calvin's alter ego
INDENT Alter the margin of, perhaps
JEKYLL Hyde's alter ego
JEROME Simon's alter ego
LAMONT ___ Cranston (the Shadow's alter ego)
LETOUT Alter, perhaps
MANSON Brian Warner's creepy alter ego
MRHYDE Dr. Jekyll's alter ego
NEUTER Alter in a way
OBVERT Alter the appearance of
OTOOLE Timmy ___ (Bart Simpson alter ego who gets stuck down a well)
PEEWEE Paul Reubens alter ego who laid low for a while after the public masturbation bust
RECASE Alter the packaging
RECODE Alter, as a program
REDRAW Alter, as boundaries
RESIZE Alter the dimensions of
RETOOL Alter to make more suitable
REZONE Alter, as area boundaries
SHADOW Lamont Cranston's alter ego, with The
STEFAN ___ Urquelle (Family Matters alter ego)
TAILOR Alter hems
TALBOT The Wolf Man's alter ego
TINMAN Hickory Twicker's alter ego in The Wizard of Oz
TYRESE Hip-hop singer with the 2006 album Alter Ego

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