Crosswords help

Are you having trouble finding that last word in that crossword puzzle? Having a hard time finding the first? We can help! This online and free crossword solver will help you find the answers you need to finish your crossword puzzle. If you have the clue, we probably have the answer!

How to perform a search

The first option is to write in the clue you have for the actual word you are looking for. If the clue exist in our database, the possible answers will be displayed in the search results. Note that if you have written the whole clue (witch in some cases can be a long sentence) and the search engine don't return any results, try to delete some of the words in your clue and search again. A similar clue for the same word might exist.

Second option is to search for answers. Maybe you have a part of the word and are missing a few letters to complete it. Write inn the letters you have and use the star sign * as wildcard. the starsign represents one wildcard. ** (two stars) represents two wildecars, and so on. "?" (Question mark) represents various wildecards. When performing the search, the search engine will scan the entire database and serve you with the results in a well-presented way.

Use the advance search to select word length, clue search or word search.

Did you know...

...that pobably more than 50 million people play crosswords just in America? Or that the world's first crossword puzzle was written in 1862 and that the first "cross word" was "dream"?

“Words, words, words.„

William Shakespeare, Hamlet