Tips and tricks on how to beat your friends at Wordfeud

When you know the rules of Wordfeud and your vocabulary is increasing, you should start thinking about the tactics. Wordfeud is not only a word game, but also a math and strategic game. Start developing your tactical skills, and you will quickly become a better Wordfeud player, and improving your game drastically. We have put out some pointers for you to think about when playing, as a start.

  1. Don´t let the opponent put a word that crosses a orange or red square/position. On a Standard board there are 8 such dangerous areas. Be careful playing words towards these areas. Wait until your opponent does it, and take advantage of it.
  2. Save your good tiles so you can play 1 word with all your tiles in one play. This will trigger a Bingo and give you 40 extra points. Good tiles are normally letters that are included in many word endings. This makes it a lot easier to play 7 letter words.
  3. Learn short words that include high valued letter. These are J, Q, X, Z. Use the search tool to identify possible words and learn them by heart.
  4. Don´t hold back on your consonants, but be cheap with your vowels.
  5. Play tight not to give your opponent the possibility to play Bingo.
  6. If you can´t use your 7 tiles, don´t play 5 or 6. It´s easy for your opponent to get a long word with only a word ending if you play it up for him.
  7. Play short words, in the area that´s already used, with not more than 1 tile sticking out from the area. This so your opponent can´t use it to play out and use the bonus squares.
  8. Use the J well. It should be placed on a DL or TL square.
  9. Don´t enter the endgame with only consonants. And definitely not with a X that won´t go out. Swap tiles before there are only 7 tiles left in the bag.
  10. If you are unlucky with your starting tiles, swap as your first move. It´s often not many points to gather in the beginning, especially with a standard board.
  11. Most car brands are allowed.
  12. Try words even if you don´t know them. As you can try a word as many times you won´t, you don´t have anything to lose to try different combinations. That way you´ll also learn more words as you go.
  13. Count the tiles that are played. Then you know what´s left and can use that when you think about what word you can play, and also what the opponent might have (late in the game).
  14. Look for tales you can use, so you´ll play several words at the same time. You add one letter to an existing word, while you spell a new one away from that word.
  15. Always look for TW and DW you can take advantage of. If you see an opening for playing on a DL or TL square, plan so you use your tiles with a high value on that specific square.
  16. Learn unusual two letter words with high letter values that you can play close and on the existing words on the board.

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Good luck

June 18, 2017

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Wordhelp is saying hello to the world!

Its the 17th of April 2014 and Wordhelp wants to use the opportunity to say hello to the world. The site is up and running and you are now able to get help with the following games; Scrabble, Crossword, Words With Friends and Wordfued. Choose your game in the drowpdown menu and start searching. The results will not only give you the answers you need fast and accurate, but it will help you beat your friends and make you a winner!


Wordpress is saying hello to the world...
Wordhelp is saying hello to the world…

Another website is born

The idea with wordhelp was to create a site that will help you find the words you need in games such as Wordfeud, Words With Friends, Crosswords and Scrabble. Wordhelp makes it easy to find the words you are looking for and will help you beat your friends in exactly such games. At the moment this website is only supporting word games, but we hope to be able to add other word based tools like verb conjugation, thesaurus, quotes, acronyms, synonyms, antonyms, definitions and much more in the near future. Basically any tool that will help you solve your everyday problems.

Why wordhelp?

Word games are exciting and fun and you can learn while having fun. Many people will probably call this site a Scrabble helper or a Wordfeud cheater, but this site will help you find the words you need to beat your friends in exactly such games. Choose your game on the front page of this site and write in the letters you have in the search box, our search engine will do the job for you. It will scan the whole word list and serve you the results alphabetically and fast so you can choose the word that give you the highest point to beat your competitor.

Did you know…

…that Scrabble was invented in 1938 by the American architect Alfred Mosher Butts? The game is sold in 121 countries and is available in 29 languages; approximately 150 million sets have been sold worldwide and roughly one-third of American homes have a Scrabble set?

or that since Words With Friends was launch, the random opponent and chat features of the game have led to a number of romantic relationships? In 2009, Megan Lawless, of Chicago, began a game with a random opponent, Jasper Jasperse, who lived in the Netherlands. The two got to know one another via the game’s chat function and married in July 2011.

or that Wordfeud was created by the Håkon Bertheussen who grew up in a small town called Ålesund, in Norway? The game was made as an iphone application in 2010, and became so popular that by the end of 2011 he had earned over 3.000.000 dollars on this game. That’s 8046 dollars a day!

and last that probably more than 50 million people play crosswords just in America? Or that the world’s first crossword puzzle was written in 1862 and that the first “cross word” was “dream”?

April 17, 2014

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